Ian Harrold | Armorique | Tous les passagers motorisé

Photographed over a period of ten years (and counting), details from the architecture of the Brittany Ferries MV Armorique. In particular a public address speaker for announcements to passengers including the requests to disembark!

How to while away the hours on a ferry crossing? Some hole up in the bar, no matter the time of day. But for me the engaging aspects of the voyage are to be found largely on deck, the changing light, the ever present breeze and the forms and colours of the ship's architecture. At first pristine, the salt air patinates the surface of much of the on-deck equipment and fittings until they take on an almost organic feel, at one with their maritime habitat.

I use either a macro 'portrait' lens with a wide aperture, necessary to enable the fast shutter speeds required for a sharp rendition in the strong breeze and to cope with the roll of the ship, or at other times an ultra-wide lens or even a fisheye which I am particularly fond of. The hard edges of the ship's design become sweeping curves and help to enhance the organic flow of the imagery.