Ian Harrold | Armorique | Clean lines | A breath of fresh air

New exhaust scrubbers, fitted in 2016, keep the environmental credentials of the Armorique up-to-date.

Armorique was built to serve the Plymouth to Roscoff crossing operated by Brittany Ferries. It was planned to replace the engines by 2016 with cleaner LPG fuelled versions but it was eventually decided to fit exhaust scrubbers near the funnel to remove excess sulphur from combustion. This required the addition of a housing which in my opinion added to the visual appeal of the ship from the deck. Ultra-wide and fisheye lenses create some lovely curves...

Ian Harrold | Armorique | Clean lines | Looking up

Dramatic maritime architecture is everywhere to be seen from the deck, much more exciting than anything below decks.

There is an absence of clutter on the decks and superstructure of the Armorique. This, I believe, lends itself to semi-abstract representations, in the first instance photographic but I am now working on a series of works utilizing the fine-art printmaking techniques of etching, collagraph and chine collé along with painting in oils. These I aim to exhibit in Plymouth, the city so long connected with the history of the company.

A selection of these photographs form the base for the forthcoming series of works in oil- 'vaisseau vide'