Ian Harrold | Armorique | Inside Out | Airflow

Vents. They connect the workings of the ship to the outside world. Fresh air is taken in, stale air is expelled. The ship breathes.

Apart from the sound of the constant breeze whistling through the wires above deck what can we hear? One is never far from the hum emanating from the workings of the ship below. The vents connect the inside with the outside of the ship. It breathes. Ships do seem to be complete organisms to me, largely self-supporting and once clear of their berths, free to roam the oceans.

The designs of these devices has long interested me, they can be seen in various series of my work, perhaps most clearly in the oils entitled 'White Space' created for an exhibition at the Porthminster Gallery, St Ives in 2019 with the title 'New Beginnings: Inspiration'